Costs & Charges

On this page we explain all the options available, the costs and charges.
With our realistic, guaranteed low cost, we can ALL now afford a professional removals service to help when we are moving home.

Available 7 days 8am-8pm 

For small moves not requiring a full home removal survey we can offer a low, hourly rate for our non “pre-priced” services. 

Our hourly charges begin at your present address and end on completion of your job at your new address (to the nearest half of an hour).

£55 for the first hour then just £45 per hour for one man and van.
£60 per hour for a 2 man 1 van service.
£75 per hour for a 3 man team and 1 van.
£80 per hour for 2 men and 2 vans.
£95 per hour for 3 men and 2 vans.
£110 per hour for a 4 man 2 van team.

Option 2: Pre-priced:

Our fully trained estimators will be pleased to visit your home and assess your removals requirements using bespoke computer software.

A complete and detailed list of your total requirements will be noted & calculated for you, enabling us to provide an agreed price to complete your move, efficiently & quickly.

Option 3: Single Items:

Piano moves start from £75 please call us for a set price for your task.
Or click here for more information.

Call us and we will be happy to estimate the cost of your task.

We offer a simple, straight forward, costed service.

No guess work.

No suprises, simply a quality service.        

Example charges:

Moving from one part of town to another:

An “average” 1 bed flat etc can take between 1 and 2 hours.

An “average” 2 or 3 bed property can take between 2 and 4 hours.

PLEASE BE REALISTIC, Are you a minimalist or a hoarder?

Do you really need just the one van? Do you need two or even three?

Do you really want to be moving your small items yourself in the car?

Do you need us to dismantle furnishings then reassemble them for you?

Please call us for an estimate, From 8am – 8pm. 7 Days per week

How hourly costs vary:

Every customer has a different amount of goods to move.

Distance to and from the van to load & unload, stairs to be contended, And distance between old and new homes.

The amount of preparation and packing YOU have done WILL effect the cost of your move.The easier it is to load and unload your goods the quicker the move.

An item in a black bin bag is exactly that. An item packed safely in a sealed box is packed. Packed goods are safer to move and quicker to load & unload. See hints and tips.

We pride ourselves on providing a first class service.

Talk to an advisor who will be happy to estimate the cost of your move.

Use us once and you will use us again.

Need some help moving house? Please contact us today:
Colchester 01206 430144 or 01206 241258 or Clacton 01255 580053